Pay My Bills

Our “Pay My Bills” services give you the convenience to take care of your bills right where you are anytime you are online. No more waiting in line in the banks, in the malls, or in unsafe payment facilities. You can do it in full privacy.

  • Fully secured payment facility.
  • No need to wait in line just to pay.
  • Immediate posting of successful payment.
  • Print and receive your confirmation through AUNICAJ account mail.

Ticketing (Air, Land & Sea)

Aunicaj International Trading Corporation ensures a seamless airline, bus, and sea fare booking available 24/7, you don't have to wait for your tickets to get generated. You can book travel destinations anytime, anywhere.

Travel and Tours Packages

Aunicaj International Trading Corporation allows you to choose your DREAM VACATIONS anytime, anywhere with just one click. With our trusted partners we provide an excellent customer satisfaction for all your travel and hotel accommodations.

One Stop Shop Loading

Aunicaj International Trading Corporation gives you the convenience of using one system that loads all networks, anytime, anywhere.