Garena EPINS TOP-UP Procedure

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On your System under E-loading

2. Enter the cellphone number of the customer in the MOBILE NUMBER textbox.
3. Select the specific GARENA product from the list.
4. Click SUBMIT button to proceed.

Garena EPINS TOP-UP Procedure

February 2018 Garena Philippines changed the format of their ePins. Before, it used to be alphanumeric characters. Now, the Garena PIN is 8 (eigth) digits and the ePin is 16(sixteen) digit and ALL NUMBERS. So how do you top-up your account using the new Garena ePins?

1. Please log in user account at
2. Click top up button at the upper right
3. Select shell top up
4. Choose Garena PPC (Garena Prepaid Card)
5. On Garena Prepaid Card Password, enter the 12 digits PIN instead of the card number.
6. Click confirm radio button to proceed.