Join Us

We love to say that joining Aunicaj is like turning your dreams into reality.  Indeed it is, because owning the business we offer at an almost insignificant capital for the earning potential if offers is a dream and we are here to help you turn it into reality.

You can join the Aunicaj business in three different ways.

Basic Subscription– You join by purchasing our Success Package that includes everything you need to start operating your business right away after training with our Leaders on how to navigate and use our business system.

Mobile Stockist – This requires a moderate investment but presents a bigger potential income through networking and sharing the business to others.

Mega Stockist – This requires a bigger investment than the first two but provides an exclusive territory, a province or a major city.  Holder of this subscription has more ways to earn income provided for by the Aunicaj business system within the territory wherein the subscription operates.

To join us in any of the Aunicaj business opportunities mentioned above,  please contact us or any of our existing Aunicaj subscription holders  in your area.  We will gladly help turn your dreams into reality.