About Us


Company Profile

AUNICAJ INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established on January 23, 2015 in Quezon City, Philippines.  The company was built on the foundation of decades of experience and proven expertise in Direct Selling and Web-based Marketing.  We created a scalable business package for providing goods and services to our subscribers. Within our proprietary system, subscribers are allowed access to services like Domestic and International Airline Ticketing, Bills Payment, Travel & Tour Packages, Hotel Reservations, Bus & Ferry Reservations, All-Network Loading.

We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with Registration No. CS201501063

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Filipinos around the globe become world-class and success-driven entrepreneurs by providing a home-based business platform within our proprietary marketing system for products and services.


Our Vision

To be an ethical place where serious entrepreneurs with limited capital can launch a long-term and stable business. Aunicaj shall become a global trading place not only for our present products and services but also for those that our own entrepreneurial ideas will continue to create and develop.

 Core Values

Our name, AUNICAj embodies the deepest of our values.  AUNI, an unassuming word in the Swahili language means simply to help.  But CAJ which is short for cajole carries a sublime meaning.  Joined together, our name AUNICAJ means, to help by encouragement.  And AUNICAJ we do not help people by carrying them or pushing them to their goals. We do not hype them into get-rich-quick schemes and strategies.  We do not lure them into unsustainable income, life styles and luxuries.  At AUNICAJ, we share a dream and we help people MAKE THAT DREAM INTO a sustainable REALITY.